Kawasan Canyoneering Package

Kawasan Raft

2 Guests, 3 Nights, 4 Days

26,500 PHP

Kawasan Canyoneering Package Details

Get your adrenaline kick with the Kawasan Canyoneering Package at Kawasan falls, throw yourself off a 10 meter high cliff into picture-perfect turquoise blue water, float between canyons topped with lush green forest.

Guided in small groups by an expert Kawasan canyoneering guiding company we have been working with for many years. Nicknamed the “Filippino Tarzan” Cecil is without doubt the safest and most fun guide working in the Canyons.

The Blue Orchid Resort offers tours leaving daily from the hotel so there are no restrictions on when you book.

Included in the Kawasan Canyoneering Package is the opportunity for both of you to dive for the very first time with a PADI Discover Scuba Diving course.

If you are already a certified diver then we will offer a two tank boat dive with equipment for both of you instead.

Feeling sore? End your adventure vacation with a relaxing, therapeutic Swedish massage in our legendary sunset cabana or opt for 2 days scooter hire (per couple). Package applies to 2 people sharing a double deluxe room and includes all activities with transport & gear hire.

Prices are subject to availability and Kawasan Canyoneering package does not apply to peak season dates, please contact us for details.

Kawasan Canyoneering Package Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the canyoneering suitable for?

We generally recommend an age group from 11 years old up to a maximum of 60 years old, a reasonable level of fitness is required as some hiking is involved in the canyoneering.

What is canyoneering?

Imagine whitewater rafting but take away the raft and imagine you are the raft. Just kidding, it is a series of jumps into rocks pools, sometimes swimming in sections, sometimes floating through mild rapids all in the aid of traversing down the Matutinao River to get to the ending at Kawasan falls. There are no ropes involved in this type of canyoneering.

How long does it take to complete the canyoneering?

This often depends on the group size, generally the group sizes we send are small and you will only be with guests from the resort in your group. 

A lot depends on how much you love the canyoneering. Typically it takes 5-6 hours to complete the canyoneering including the transport there and back. Some groups may go through a little quicker than this, some may wish to do the jumps several times and take longer. There is no fixed time limit imposed by the guide so you are free to take things at your own pace.

Do I have to do all the jumps?

Some of the jumps into the rock pools on the canyoneering are up to 60ft high which is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is possible to miss all or none of the jumps if you don’t feel comfortable following the path next to the river. The only thing pushing you to make the jumps is your own pride – but they are a lot of fun.

Will I enjoy the canyoneering if I don’t like jumping?

The canyoneering section of the Matutinao river is far and away the most beautiful, the canyons have been sculpted by nature over millions of years. Even if you aren’t going there for the thrill seeking aspect we still strongly recommend you do the canyoneering and avoid the jumps, lay back and enjoy floating down the river through what is arguably one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Is a trip to Kawasan falls the same thing as Canyoneering?

Kawasan falls is the final waterfall in the Matutinao river. The canyoneering section of the rivers is much higher upstream and therefore uphill than the Kawasan section of the river. Entrance to the canyoneering section of the river is only with a certified guide, full safety equipment and having paid the entrance fees for the canyoneering activity. The canyoneering finishes at Kawasan falls as Kawasan falls is only a short distance from the point the Matutinao river flows into the sea. Therefore when you do the canyoneering you will also pass through the section known as Kawasan Falls as you float down the river.

Is there any special equipment needed?

All equipment needed for the canyoneering is included in the package, this is: helmet, life jacket, water shoes. Otherwise you need swimming clothes – you will get wet!

Food and drink on the Canyoneering?

As part of the package, the guide will prepare a tasty meal for, some specific dietary requirements can be accommodated. 

What time is does the canyoneering tour depart?

Anytime from 6am is the earliest you can go canyoneering, latest time you can depart the resort for canyoneering is 1pm. We will try to accommodate your canyoneering based on other activities in the resort.

Is there a fixed schedule for the canyoneering and the diving?

It is your holiday and we want you to enjoy it, our staff will chat to you on arrival about when you would like to do the different activities.

Is it possible to add more nights to the Kawasan Canyoneering Package?

Absolutely, just let us know when you send your email request for booking and we will get back to you within 24 hours for the booking confirmation.

Do I need to book the Canyoneering package directly through the hotel?

Yes, this package applies only to direct bookings with the hotel, we can add the package to existing reservations, but you wouldn’t get the same price if you book through an online travel agent.