Badian Island

Badian Island Info

Badian Island or Zaragosa Island is located in the province of Badian in the Tanon straight, less than 40 minutes by boat from the Blue Orchid Resort the island offers white sand beaches and nice snorkeling spots. 

There is a single resort on the island the Badian Island  Wellness Resort as well as a small small golf course.

Access to the island is via boat only, we are able to boat trips to Badian Island from the resort, for you to enjoy the beach and do a little bit of snorkeling and relaxing. Lunch will be prepared on the boat. The trip can be undertaken just as a single trip to Badian Island via boat, as part of an Island Hopping package taking in the snorkeling spots of Pescador Island, or as a private boat tour where you will be the Captain and choose the destinations, just tell us how long you would like to be out for and where you want to go. The boat crew will take care of the rest of the work.

Diving at Badian Island


Diving at Badian Island is possible there are a couple of dive sites located just off the beach as well as nearby sunken island. An underwater pinnacle in the middle of the Tanon straight starting at 20m depth. The initial descent is down a mooring line in Blue Water until you start to make out the pinnacle beneath.

Diving at Badian and Island and Sunken Island is by special request. Sunken Island is only for experienced divers you would need to complete several dives with the resort first and be minimum of an Advanced Diver.

The dive sites at Badian Island are suitable for all divers.

Please email us in advance is you are interested in diving either of these sites. Alternatively it is possible to combine a trip to the Blue Orchid with the Badian Island Wellness Resort to spend a couple of nights staying on Badian Island itself.